Magic loop for heel, mittens, socks, toe upp socks

It is always interesting to try something new in knitting.

Magic loop is a perfect alternative to ordinary sock needles. You can both knit and crochet with magic loop.

It has never been easier to take knitting with you , you don’t have to keep an eye on five needles anymore.

80-100 cm circular needles are the most optimal. Depending on what you are knitting you will need 2mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 3.5 mm circular needles. You can buy our circular needles here circular needles

The most fantastic with magic loop is that you can knit mittens, socks and a lot more! Our free Christmas socks pattern is on Ravelry Pysselpandan

Many people think that there is only one way to knit with magic loop, but there are a lot more ways.

Have you ever knitted one mitten and had no power left to knit one more? Magic loop is for you! 🙂

You need one or two skeins of yarn to knit mittens and socks. If you choose one then you will need to take the thread inside the yarn for one sock and the one outside for sock 2. You can also use two skeins from the begining.

So why should you try magic loop?

Circular needles do not take much space.

Five or two needles to knit with – easier with two.

You will get two identical mittens and socks.

Do bamboo needles break? Metal circular needles are better in this case.

No wholes where you change needle 1 and 2, 2 and 3 and so on.

Last but not least, you will try something new!

Does it still sound complicated? Look at our photos!

One mitten / sock

Steg 1. Cast on.

Steg 2. Divide in two.

Steg 3

Steg 4. Start knitting around.

Steg 5. Keep knitting.

Two socks

Steg 1. Cast on HALF of the stitches in color 1.

Steg 2. Cast on ALL stitches in color 2.

Steg 3. Half of the stitches are left on the needle.

Steg 4. Turn clockwise.

Steg 5. Cast on the rest of the stitches in color 1.

Steg 6.

Steg 7. Start knitting in color 1.

Steg 8. Knit the stitches in color 2.

Steg 9. Turn again and knit in color 2 and then color 1. Keep knitting.

Two socks toe up magic loop.

Steg 1. Cast on stitches in color 1 – Judy’s magic cast on.

Steg 2. Cast on stitches in color 2 – Judy’s magic cast on.

Steg 3. Turn clockwise.

Steg 4. Knit in color 2.

Steg 5. Knit in color 1.

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