Orenburg shawls

Have you ever heard about orenburg shawls? I can tell you about them.

They are one of the russian symbols, very light and beautiful, made of goat down and silk thread or cotton thread.

Orenburg knitting became popular in 1700. Those who live in Orenburg say that women knitted orenburg shawls even before Orenburg became a city.

Wool of Orenburg goats is lighter than angora wool, that is why shawls are extra soft.

There are three different Orenburg shawls:

Ordinary shawls. Grey or white, they are usually thicker than other variants. Such shawls are for everyday use.

”Cobweb” – they are made of goat down and a silk or cotton thread. They are used during festive occasions because patterns and techniques are much more complicated.

A real “cobweb” should be able to go through a wedding ring ;)

“Palantin” – thin scarf / shawl of rectangular shape. It is usually decorated around the edges with nice patterns. They are used as shawls or scarves

Would you like to knit an Orenburg shawl?

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