We sell round needles, sock needles, braid needles and even addi CraSy trio! High quality that lasts long.

164,00 kr219,00 kr

With addiCraSyTrio 3-piece set of flexible sock knitting needles even the smallest diameters can be knitted very easily and without getting tired. Each needle is 85 mm long connected by a approx. 40 mm cord. addiCraSyTrio is about 21 cm long with a lace tip and a short tip. The needles make it quick and easy to knit arms, socks, mittens and baby clothes.

34,00 kr (27,20 kr ex moms)

2 aluminium Lang / addi cable needles, to make sure all the cables you knit look good. You stitches will be safe till you use them in the pattern.

66,00 kr79,00 kr

Lang / addi circular needles. Polished metal needles with a very flexible PVC cord. The cord is clearly marked with the needle size and the length of the needles.

39,00 kr45,00 kr

5 st premium metal needles from  Lang / addi i metall, 20 cm. Qualitative durable metal needles.

51,00 kr61,00 kr

5 st strumpstickor i aluminium, längd 20 cm.
Lang Yarns / addi.
Stickor i bra kvalitet för att sticka tex sockar och ärmar.
Lätta, hållbara och smidiga.