Onion is a Danish company established in 1998 and is situated Nyköping, Själland.
They made only patterns in the begining, but since then they have also expanded their business with yarn and accessories.
Onion’s patterns are contemporary and modern, Scandinavian style.
The yarn is 100% natural and it is made at factories in Italy.
We think their yarns are exciting and modern, especially those containing nettle fibers, organic cotton and wool , alpaca and mohair.

79,00 kr

30% superfine alpaca + 50% fine merinowool + 20% nettles Onion alpaca, merino wool and nettles is an exciting combination of fibres. The nettle fibers give the yarn a little shine and make it beautiful because the nettle fibers are extra nice. It also makes the yarn more durable.

69,00 kr

45% Mohair + 30% nettles + 25% wool Onion mohair, nettles and wool is a really exciting mix. The yarn is produced in in Italy according to environmentally-friendly European standard. It's a nice, light and airy mohair mix with a total of 145 meters of yarn, which gives a lower yarn consumption in the project.

59,00 kr

70% ecological wool + 30% nettlesOnion's Nr.3 ecological wool and nettles is nice and exquisite yarn.Nettles make yarn shiny and durable, it is wonderful yarn for knitting socks.

61,00 kr

70% ekologisk ull + 30% nässelfiber
No.6 Organic Wool + Nettles är ett lätt sockgarn i naturmaterial med nässlor som ger pärlemorglans och slitstyrka.

58,00 kr

44% ekological cotton + 34% nettles + 22% wool (superwash) Yarn with nettles for you knitting projects! Plus a mixture of organic cotton and wool. The yarn has a light, smooth surface. You knit a durable item - nettles make it last long.

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