Pysselpandans privacy policy.

How do we handle your personal information?

When you shop from an online store or sign up for a newsletter, ours or someone else’s, you will leave information about yourself. Wherever you live, what email address you have and what you are shopping. Some of our customers want to know what we do with the information and here we describe a little more formally how we work with information.

The basis of all we do is to treat our customers as we ourselves want to be treated, always. This also applies when it comes to information.

We never sell any data to third parties or send advertisements without your consent.

In connection with registration and ordering, you agree that we store and use your information in our business for the purpose of completing and providing the service needed to handle your purchase and follow-up. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you are entitled to obtain the information we have registered with you and you may also wish to be removed from our data register. If so, contact our customer service (please use our contact form ). We also ensure that we will not sell or transfer any personal data.
Note that by law, we have to save invoices and information related to them for 7 years.

We have a data protection controller that ensures that everything is correct in our registry and you can contact if there is anything else you want to know. Andreas Sundgren is our Data Controller.


Summary of our information management

We collect as little information as possible. We need to know where you live to send the goods home to you.

When paying by card, you must provide your credit card number and with Swish your phone number. It goes via a secure server and Mondido manages card payments and Swish for us.
If you use Paypal, your information is stored in their register upon payment, read more in their privacy policy .

Then, of course, we need to know what products you order and we need your e-mail address to contact you with delivery message, changed information, etc.

If you want to be notified via email or phone, we also need the information if you have not given it before.

To follow up your order and guarantee satisfied customers, we co-operate with Trustpilot who will send out a follow up email after one week unless you have decided to receive Trustpilot mail through their site.

Here’s a more detailed description:

What systems is your data stored in when you shop with us?

When you shop with us, your order will go through several steps while we process and ship your goods to you.

We also use third party suppliers for newsletters and statistics.



We use a system for our webshop called Woocommerce. It is a database where our products, our pages of text and everything else (including this page) you see in the webshop are collected. When you place an order on you are using Woocommerce.

Your order will then end up in a database on the web host ( FSData ) that we and their technicians have access to. FSData keeps the information for us but does not process it in any way without our permission and we request it. An example might be if the database is broken so they need to fix it.

The order contains information about which products (such as yarn, stitches, patterns, etc.) you purchased from us, how you paid (but no information about credit card, social security number or the like), the address we will send the goods to.

It is from Woocommerce you receive an email that we received your order and when we sent your order.

If you make a change or send goods back to us, we will usually make a notice of it in Woocommerce. For example, such a note may look like this:

180102: Customer wants to switch to black yarn instead. Sending new yarn today.

In addition, we can save and post mail conversations linked to order and exchange, as well as automatic notifications from order creation or when we receive a message from PayPal.

We never write any personal information in the note area, only those related to the order.


Mondido, PayPal and Swish

When you go to checkout you have to pay for your goods. There you can choose from several different payment options. Depending on the payment method, an external payment broker will be provided information about your purchase. Mondido stores payment information about the purchase such as payment and receipt data. What data is saved depends on the payment method.
Card payments are made through Mondido to Nets, which is our payment service provider (PSP).
PayPal also stores the information about the purchase and about who use their service, read more in their privacy policy .


Visma eEkonomi

Once your order has been processed, the data is stored in our business system. We use a separate business system to link stock, bookkeeping and logistics. It’s only us and Visma’s technicians and customer managers who have access to the system and nobody processes your tasks except us.
By law, we have to save the data for 7 years before it can be deleted.


Your customer email

We use FSData’s mail for our customer service mail. When contacting us via the contact form, an email message will be sent to our customer service. Normally, we will delete incoming mail within 2-3 months of receiving them. Should we save any information beyond that, it will be stored until the case or conversation has ended.


In order to deliver the goods to you, we need your address and for notification you may also need a phone number or email address.
This information will be used by the freight forwarder we use for the order in question to transport the goods to you, the information will then be stored with the shipper for the current order for traceability.



We use Google’s Google Analytics service. This is to anonymously track the approximate geographic region, which pages are used, products purchased, etc., to improve us as an online store.
We have anonymized the information so it can not be traced to your IP number, and does not save any personally identifiable data. Here you can read more about Google’s privacy policy and data management .



For the follow-up of the purchase and for new customers to be able to trust that we are doing a good job, we cooperate with Trustpilot.
Through their system there will be an email after 7 days inviting you to post a review on the purchase.

This is used to monitor purchases, to ensure customer satisfaction by having a public review system and for customers to feel safe shopping on the Pysselpandan.

Trustpilot is a data processor for Pysselpandan. If you want to read exactly what our agreement is with them then there is this .



We use MailChimp to send out newsletters, but only to those that subscribe.
If you would like our newsletter, please read their privacy policy, especially sections 6 and 7 that are available in English here .
When signing up, you will need to accept the invitation via an email before you are added to the list.

The information we send to MailChimp’s newsletter list is first name, last name and email address. We only use this to personalize the newsletters and to send out our newsletter.
We only send out information, news, competitions, promotions and the like in the newsletter that deals with us at the Pysselpandan, never advertising for third parties.

You can unsubscribe at any time from the newsletters by clicking on the link in the newsletter or by contacting us via our contact form .


User accounts

If you wish, you can create a user account with us at the Pysselpandan.
Through this account you can keep track of your order history and track packages, etc.
We do not use your account information to contact you if it is not necessary.



We save logs over hacking attempts and failed logins in our system, this to prevent attacks on our website and to ensure your data security.

We also use Google ReCaptcha version 3 to stop bots from registering, spamming and completing orders. Any information gathered are only used for security.
If ReCaptcha is disabled you will not be able to login, register accounts, comment or shop at


Data Controller at Pysselpandan?

Andreas Sundgren is our data controller and is responsible for ensuring that all employees are familiar with how we store information.
If you would like to contact us regarding your saved information please contact us via our contact form .



We use cookies on our website to save purchase information and statistics.

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer from web pages you visit to remember information about specific pages where they can facilitate your visit, such as keeping logged in or saving settings from a previous visit.

Woocommerce uses cookies to store your items in your shopping cart. Woocommerce does not save any data that can be used to identify you and therefore does not store any personal information. If you want to know what this cookie contains, you can read more here .

YITH Wishlist uses cookies to save information about products that you choose to add to the list.
Mondido, our payment provider uses cookies to save information related payments.

We use Google’s Google Analytics service.
We have anonymized the information so it can not be traced to your IP number. Here you can read more about Google’s privacy policy and data management .
For a deeper thchnical understanding of Google Analytics cookies, you can read this document.

Trustpilot stores cookies to send a later invitation to write a review about your purchase and customer satisfaction.

Wordfence is one of our security plugins to the side. This plugin saves cookies when users log in to the system.

WordPress itself uses cookies to manage logged in users and its settings.

If you accept our use of cookies, a cookie will be added in order for you to not retrieve the message. This is valid for one day, then you must accept our use of cookies again. Logged in users will not be required to accept cookies.

If you decline all cookies on the page, the page will not work, therefore, even if you deny the use of cookies, critical cookies will still be required. On the other hand, we stop using third party cookies like facebook and instagram.

Information to other actors

We will never leave your information to third parties (with the exception of what is required for payment, shipping or newsletter, see separate sections above).
Exception is made if for any reason we are forced by law or by court order.


Remove your information from our database

The information we save in the accounting system is only available as a basis for the financial transaction and is kept for legal reasons and therefore can not be deleted.
Your account here at the Pysselpandan is order history and newsletter data can be deleted on your request and we can provide you with information about which data we have saved.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by our contact form.