Since 1867, LANG Yarns has developed and produced yarn. It is a family business has been lasting for generations and is today one of the global leading brands of handmade yarns.
They are passionate about beautiful qualitative products made of natural fibers and see themselves as part of the fashion industry.
In addition to their selection of classic yarns, they also follow the trends and have up-to-date yarn collection and patterns.

LANG YARNS has both free patterns and those you can pay for on their website, ranging from clothes to accessories. The photos we have used are from their new yarn collection.

LANG Yarn’s page also offers a service where you can track your yarn: you can read about the farm it is from, the sheep and the various processes the wool goes through.
When you purchase their yarn, try this: Trace your yarn


LANG Yarns


99,00 kr

60% Silke + 40% ny ull (Merino extrafine superwash) I Angelina möter det ofärgade silket färgad ull och ger vackert melerade, lätta och mjuka stickade plagg.

LANG Yarns


51,00 kr

75% new wool + 25% nylon
All-purpose garn made from a good quality, hard-wearing wool mix. The high wool content in combination with synthetic fibres imbue excellent attributes of softness and durability and make it easy-care and long-lasting.

LANG Yarns


49,00 kr54,00 kr

75% wool (Superwash) + 25% nylon. Jawoll is classical yarn that has been used in knitting projects for a long time.It comes with an extra tread that can be used to strengthen heels and toes.


LANG Yarns

Jawoll Twin

62,00 kr

75% ny ull (Superwash) + 25% nylonJawoll Twin är ett sockgarn med mjuka färgskiftningar. Färgningen är exakt likadan på varje nystan och räcker till en lång socka.

LANG Yarns


86,00 kr

100% linenSoft, washed linen knitted into a band - refinement for summer! A lot softer than ordinary linen. Perfect summer yarn for nice and airy shirts.

LANG Yarns

Merino 400 Lace

45,00 kr

100% wool (Merino extrafine) The lace yarn in the LANGYARNS-Merino-Line! Extrafine merino wool is spun and double twiste into a classic lace-weight with a running length of 400m/50g. A yarn for experts and lovers of stitchcraft.

LANG Yarns


86,00 kr

46% wool (Merino extrafine) + 42% cotton + 12% camelExtra fine merino wool and baby camel wool are plied double with cotton. A fine, soft yarn is produced, which brings together the characteristics of finest wool and cotton.Soft, temperature balancing, breathable – a yarn for the whole year round.

112,00 kr

55% wool (superwash) + 25% nylon + 20% alpacka4-thread sock yarn made of alpaca wool. It has a pattern that makes it easy to knit.Works as well for mittens, hats and anything else you would like to knit of it.

LANG Yarns


118,00 kr

50% yak + 50% wool (Merino extrafin) Yak is a domesticated animal found in Central Asial. The fine belly hair is combed out by hand and may be spun into wool. Yak fibre is very soft, warming and moisture regulating - a yarn speciality from LANGYARNS.

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