Mohair garn, kid mohair garn, kid silk mohair yarn (what is the difference?)

Mohair, kid mohair, super kid mohair – mohair yarns are wonderful, and that is why we try to experiment a bit!

What happens if you knit with kid silk mohair and wool?

Deep green color of BC Garn Bio Shetland and light grass green of Gepard Kid Silk 5 (mohair and silk is a very light, warm yarn). The effect is magnificent – fluffy, thick, lighter knitting, and when we measure the 10x10cm – 24×36.

Not all patters can be knitted in mohair and wool blend though. If you want to knit a thin braid it will not be visible because the thread is quite fluffy. Kid Silk 5 makes the knitted 10×10 cm shine.
We use kid silk, but what is the difference between mohair, kid mohair och super kid mohair?

Mohair is a yarn made from angora hair with exceptional elasticity and durability. Mohair is strong, thin, glossy fiber and one of the best natural materials, you can also easily dye it.
Kid mohair is fiber from goats up to six months. This is a thin and soft fiber, but with a lower luster than regular mohair.
Super kid mohair is the thinnest and most delicate fiber, silky and luxurious! It is produced in small quantities and used in expensive yarn.

What can you knit with mohair, kid mohair and super kid mohair yarn? You can knit a mohair sweater, shawls, cardigans, coats, hats, scarves, mittens and much more.

Knitted garments of mohair last a long time if you wash and treat them properly.
1. You can wash with your hands but do not soak it.
2. Wash and rinse at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.
3. Use suitable detergents, preferably for wool or silk.
4. After rinsing the garment, allow the water to drain. Put it on a towel and squeeze lightly to squeeze out some more water.
5. Straighten the garment and stretch out to whatever shape the garment should be.
6. When your knitted garment is dry, shake it a little. It becomes even more fluffy when you use the garment.

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