BC Garn


51,00 kr53,00 kr

50% flax + 50% cotton, Allino is a beautiful combination of flax and cotton in various colors. This yarn can be used for spring/ and summer projects for borh children and adults.

BC Garn

Bio Balance

63,00 kr

Bio Balance is 100% ecological yarn (55% ecological wool + 45% ecological cotton), GOTS-certified. Bio Balance is nice and soft yarn. Combination of wool and cotton guarantees comfort, can be used to knit both for children and adults. Can be used for crocheting as well.

62,00 kr

50% wool (Merino extrafine) + 50% ecological cotton (GOTS certified). CottonWool consists of extra fine merino lambswool and extra fine cotton; completely carded and spun together. Lasts very well in the wash at 20 - 25 °C and up to max. 30 °C.

59,00 kr

70% ecological wool + 30% nettlesOnion's Nr.3 ecological wool and nettles is nice and exquisite yarn.Nettles make yarn shiny and durable, it is wonderful yarn for knitting socks.

58,00 kr

44% ekological cotton + 34% nettles + 22% wool (superwash) Yarn with nettles for you knitting projects! Plus a mixture of organic cotton and wool. The yarn has a light, smooth surface. You knit a durable item - nettles make it last long.

LANG Yarns


86,00 kr

46% wool (Merino extrafine) + 42% cotton + 12% camelExtra fine merino wool and baby camel wool are plied double with cotton. A fine, soft yarn is produced, which brings together the characteristics of finest wool and cotton.Soft, temperature balancing, breathable – a yarn for the whole year round.



82,00 kr89,00 kr

70% cotton + 25% baby alpaca + 5% wool (Merino supersoft)Puf is new yarn by Gepard, made of cotton, alpaca and soft merino wool.Pus is good for all seasons' projects - nice and warm for summer evenings and colder winter.

231,00 kr356,00 kr

80% ull från bergsget + 20% bomullNaturfärgat garn i bra kvalitet för lite tjockare sjalar, vantar och mössor. Säljes i härvor av varierande vikt.

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