Warm and nice yarn for the autumn season, we think these suit well!

BC Garn

Bio Balance

63,00 kr

Bio Balance is 100% ecological yarn (55% ecological wool + 45% ecological cotton), GOTS-certified. Bio Balance is nice and soft yarn. Combination of wool and cotton guarantees comfort, can be used to knit both for children and adults. Can be used for crocheting as well.

BC Garn

Bio Shetland

64,00 kr

Bio Shetland is a 100% organic wool yarn that is GOTS certified. The yarn is a nice and soft.. The colors have many shades that give the finished project a great look. It is perfect for both children' and adults' clothes, as well as lace and fair isle. It can also be used for machine knitting and weaving.

59,00 kr

70% ecological wool + 30% nettlesOnion's Nr.3 ecological wool and nettles is nice and exquisite yarn.Nettles make yarn shiny and durable, it is wonderful yarn for knitting socks.